Security Signs

Security signs protect you, your staff, your visitors, and your property from accidents and other dangers. Advisory signs discourage intruders by advising them of security measures like video surveillance, alarms, guard dogs, and ID checkpoints that can foil their plans. High-quality, professionally made“No Trespassing”, “Restricted Entry”, and “No Soliciting” signs let people know you’re serious about keeping your private property private; and school and other safety zone signs can help to keep the innocent safe from drugs, weapons, and even bullying by reminding everyone that these things are not allowed on school grounds and that someone is watching.

To be effective, though, safety and security signs must be highly visible - in bright colors, bold print, and clear language that can be easily seen, read, and understood by everyone. They need to have an official and well-maintained appearance to be taken seriously. After all, a rusty sign hanging by one screw only says that no one is really look after this property. Our security signs are made from heavy-duty, rustproof aluminum that will remain bright and legible for years of exterior use. Pre-made mounting holes make them easy to hang and rounded corners mean that the signs themselves won’t pose a danger.

Whether you need to warn people to keep out or let them know what they can bring in, whether you want to warn them that illegal activity like shoplifting or drug use will be prosecuted or advise them that cell phone use, concealed weapons, or soliciting are unwelcome, a sign from SignMission is sure to help you get the job done.